Jack Dowd

Jack DowdWeapons Instructor/Kempo Instructor

Sylvania, OH

    Hi, I’m Sensei Jack! I teach the Weapons Training Classes here at KMA. I have been taking martial arts lessons since I was just 5 years old and tested for my 1st Dan Black Belt in August of 2010 and just recently tested for my 2nd Dan this year! I have always had a passion for traditional Asian weapons, which includes designing and handcrafting different weapons and weapons forms. I teach weapons courses for demonstration, competition, and self-defense according to the Kempo Creed. Over the past year, I have developed over 50 different Weapons Forms for a variety of weapons inducing Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Dual Swords, Bo Staff and many more. My very first traditional weapon to learn was Tonfa, however my favorites are Nunchaku and Bo Staff. Check out the Youtube Channel I created with some of the martial arts forms and techniques I teach. I love working with students and helping them develop more than just the traditional Kempo material, including not only weapons but also some cool jump kicks and karate tricks! I’ve also recently started teaching Kempo classes as well, from Lil Dragons to Adults. So I will likely get the chance to work with you at some point and look forward to it!

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