Kempo News!

Congratulations to our newest black belts:
Jordan B., Brian H., Lucas D., Andrew D., Alex B., & Andrew S.


Our 5th Best of Toledo win, in a row!

Thank you Kempoites, for your continuous support! Vote for us again next year!


We have some new Black Belts on our hands!

Congratulations Drew E, Heidi F, Marissa E, Jasjeev S, Nathan H, and Travis Z!


Sensei Tom’s 12 year old partner Marlee Eckert was voted the winner of last night’s competition!

Marlee’s father Andy was killed in Iraq on Mother’s Day May 8, 2006.

We believe ‘The Arms Forces’, the charity who sponsors this event truly helps both soldiers with invisible wounds and kids like Marlee.

Thanks to all who contributed in any way.  Anyone wishing to donate a $1 or more visit

A special thanks to Kempoites and Martial Artists representing other styles who came to the show and cheered the performers.

dancingwiththemilitarystars dancingwiththestars

Sensei Tom Competes May 14th! Here’s the twist!
Sensei Tom’s event is NOT a martial arts competition. It is ‘DANCING WITH THE MILITARY STARS’ benefiting veterans with brain injuries or PTSD.
Stop by Kempo Martial Arts or call 419-885-1519 to reserve dinner or just come watch the show, visit the exhibits and dance the night away. Dinner 6:00pm. Entertainment 7:15pm.Saturday, May 14th 2016. We hope you’ll join us!
has complete details


Toledo’s BEST four years running! A huge thank you to all our members and more who voted us Best of Toledo again in 2015!



Kempo’s Newest Black Belts!!! Abbie Z, William D, Madison Z, and Libby S!



Awesome job to three of our Black Belt Club students who were caught working out without any supervision or prompting. Sensei Tom was so impressed with your hard work and Black Belt attitudes. Way to go Marissa, Katie and Apolo! Keep up the good work



Our Kempo students, friends, family, and staff all had a blast at this years Annual Kempo Picnic!


A huge Congratulation to our newest 1st and 2nd Dan Black Belts!

 Bottom Row L-R: Kevin T (1st dan), Nathan S (2nd dan), Gabe W (1st dan), Braden B (1st dan), Elizabeth S (1st dan), and Sensei Tim R (2nd dan)


Board Breaking 2015 was a HUGE success!
“This was a great event, Landon was really proud of himself,
cannot wait for next year’s seminar!” ~Mike Kiefer
“Thank you for the positive self-confidence
experience for Will!!” ~Leah Cavanaugh

board breaking

Best of Toledo Awards Party! THREE years in a row!

bestoftoledo2014 BOT 12-14

Kempo Weapons Students, Check out our new YouTube Channel with videos of your weapons kata’s and techniques.


bring a friend week

Congratulations Raya for winning the Bring a Friend Week drawing! She chose Rave Movie Tickets as her prize!

Katie Made The Front Page!


Katie Busse kicks. She jabs. She blocks.

She makes a number of other self-defense moves with uncanny precision for an 8-year-old under the direction of her martial arts instructor, Kempo Martial Arts Center founder and chief instructor Tom Nehring.

Her mother, Jennifer Busse, mentions in passing that Katie has aspirations of becoming a grand championfor her age class. But this holiday season, Mom and Sensei Tom are impressed more with something else they’ve seen in Katie: Her heart.

When the Sylvania-based martial arts center started collecting toys for disadvantaged children being helped by Lucas County Children Services, the Busse family stepped up with a donation of five toys.

That wasn’t enough, Katie thought.

The little girl begged and pleaded her mother to go get more, but Mrs. Busse told her she thought they’d done enough.

So Katie said she wanted to use her own money, about $130 she’d saved up from past birthdays, Christmases, and other holidays to buy more presents for the cause….

Her daughter had been saving that money for college, Mrs. Busse said.

Inspired by her generosity, Katie’s parents, including her father, Jerry Busse, made more trips to toy stores. The family ended up donating 46 gifts, 30 of them from Katie.


 New Team Member dons Red Sensei Belt!

red belt

We are pleased to announce the addition of Jordan Brockman to our Kempo Team of instructors. For the first time in recent history a kyu ranked Kempo Martial Artist has donned the Red Sensei Belt. On October 20, 2014 Jordan received his certification to teach the Martial Art of Kempo. We welcome Sensei Jordan to ‘Toledo’s Best’ team of instructors.
martial arts instructor


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