• Marissa learned more in her first lesson with Sensei Tom than she learned in six months at her previous karate club.

    ~Mary W.

  • Kempo has helped Kevin to control his self, follow his goals in short term and long term, learn discipline for his life.

    ~Maria T.

  • Good balance between allowing the students to have a level of independence in class and structure (with the black belt level) This is good for building more awareness of the kids strengths in my opinion.

    ~Cindy R.

  • Tom’s Kempo Martial Arts has been a great way for Riley to build discipline and list every skill, while improving her confidence. I would recommend Kempo martial arts to any middle schooler.

    ~Paul B.

  • I really like the class sizes. I like Sensei Laura’s time with each student and how she praises each kid and gives them attention.

    ~Melissa F.

  • Ever since my son started this class we find him a bit more focused, he’s getting better at his listening skills too. I love the Sensei here. They really put a lot of effort with the kids.

    ~Nishant R.

  • Our son started in 2009 at age 3. We choose Kempo martial arts due to their great reputation, knowledgeable, professional, and caring staff. He has moved threw to his current rank or brown belt and enjoyed every minute. He is always excited to go and work on improving his craft, attending 2-3 classes a week. It is a big part of his life and has helped him grow into a very respectful and mature 7 year old.

    ~Aaron B.

  • We moved to this area from out of state. Our son attended Shaolin Kempo classes in out last home town and we were pleasantly surprised to find a school in our new home town that offers him continued training from competent and caring instructors. Although he has attended Kempo Martial Arts for only a few weeks, our son looks forward to class because not only is he learning but he is also a valued part of the group.

    ~Jill S.

  • Kempo has been great for Kaleb. He has been training for two years and is great to watch him grow and earn belts.

    ~Brian F.

  • We have been at this center for three or so years now and love it. The Senseis are encouraging , positive and supportive. Our daughter has made friends, built her strength and is working on building her confidence. I would recommend this martial arts center to everyone.

    ~Sue B.

  • Class has always advanced members based on knowledge of material for each rank, not on length of time, number of classes attended, or money spent. Students know their material before advancing. Good job.

    ~Glenn M.

  • Through a holistic philosophical approach, Tom Nehring’s Kempo Martial Arts has provided my daughter with expert instruction in martial arts while developing her self confidence and discipline. Kempo has been the perfect complement to other developmential aspects in her childhood.

    ~Chris G.

  • Kempo martial arts; while it’s hard to work, it’s also fun. Builds not only muscle, but self confidence with good caring Sensei’s where new friends are met.

    ~Heather B.

  • Justin and Jalen enjoy Kempo and learning something new. The discipline and monthly power words help to reinforce good behavior and positive results.

    ~Craig T.

  • My two younger daughters and I are all members. The classes are great exercise and the belts provide a great goal based approach to strive for achievement.

    ~Jim R.

  • Since Apolo has started at Sensei Tom’s Kempo Martial Arts, his confidence has grown not only in the Kempo classroom, but in his school classroom as well. All of the Sensei’s really know how to work with each individual child to bring out their best. All of the staff at Kempo are warm and welcoming. You can definitely tell they care about each student and their family.

    ~Abby T.

  • Very nice facility. Excellent instruction, always explains what all of the moves and positions mean and are intended to do. This takes extraordinary knowledge by the Sensei’s.

    ~Gary B.

  • Great teaching. My son is new and from the 1st class the Sensei’s made sure he was comfortable and knew the moves. The entire staff including the owner are very friendly and helpful.

    ~Alisha D.

  • Brian is learning that if he puts more effort and focus into the classes he can advance in belts quicker. He is motivated to take more classes per week and ‘dad’ does not have to push it.

    ~Brian H.

  • Sensei Tom’s Kempo Martial Arts has helped my step-son with self esteem issues as well as his physical abilities and confidence. All of the Sensei’s are extremely positive in their approach, even though each has a different style and area of concentration in kata, techniques or self defense. The other students are very welcoming and are supportive of the ‘newbies’.

    ~Dawn W.

Voted Toledo’s Best Five Years Running


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